Spa Vacuums

Spa Vacuums

spa vac is an essential tool for maintaining the cleanliness of your spa.

Reasons to consider a cordless spa vac:

    • Efficiency: Spa vacuums efficiently remove leaves, sand, stones, and other debris.
    • Ease of Use: They simplify cleaning without the need for water hook-ups or complex setups.
    • Regular Maintenance: Regular vacuuming keeps your spa water clear and prevents clogs in the jets and acrylic surface.

Remember, a clean spa ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

  • spa-vac
    Spa Vacuum
    Cleaning you spa is a breeze with this vac. This All-In-One cleaning tool creates a suction that draws in water as you pull the handle out. Push the handle in and the dirt is trapped inside the special filter basket as water flows out. No hoses or hook-ups are needed. Includes five cleaning attachments including a skim net, brush, pointed nozzle, flat nozzle, and handle.
  • blaster-volt
    Volt FX-2 Water Tech
    The most powerful battery operated vacuum for a spa. Sucks debris into an easy to clean bag. Handle can be lengthened with an optional pole. Runs on 5 D-cell batteries.