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Ask Dave's FAQ

My water is cloudy

Cloudy water is typically due to insufficient chemical treatment or an inability for your filter to remove all contaminants from your water.


  • Check pH, calcium. Incorrect levels may cause cloudiness.
  • Chlorine – if no chlorine is present, shock pool. Cloudy water can occur when chlorine demand is outpacing chlorine supply – there is not enough shock to kill and breakdown all the debris in the water.
  • Stabilizer – extremely high levels of stabilizer can cause chlorine to become less effective, driving up demand beyond typical 3-5 ppm levels.


  • Sand – Backwash filter, add Fiber Clear, run for 24 hours minimum
  • Cartridge – Clean filter, add Fiber Clear or Ultra Clear, run 24 hours minimum.
  • DE – Manually clean DE elements, recharge with DE  add Ultra Clear, run 24 hours minimum

As your filter removes debris from the water, it will become dirty again.  If you filter plugs up quickly, and shows signs of captured debris when it is cleaned, what you are doing is working.  Continue until pool is clean, filter no longer seems to pick up debris, or pressure gauge stabilizes around 12-15 GPM.

My pump / motor is noisy?

Loud grinding noises are often bearing related. You will probably need a new motor or pump. Call service.

There is noise coming from my filter?

What you are hearing is probably air and water turbulence. Bleed the air out of your filter using the bleeder on top. Check to make sure your pool water is at the appropriate level so that the skimmer is not sucking any air. This should solve the problem.

My pump won't turn on?

Check your home’s electrical panel. The breaker or GFI on the pool circuit may need to be reset.  If the breaker trips again, check the pump to see if it is buzzing when powered on, if so, it may be able to be repaired.  Call for service, or bring pump in to store for diagnosis.

How do I clean my DE filter?

Some DE filters have the ability to run a back wash or clean cycle, without opening the tank. Consult with your filter’s owner’s manual for the steps required.

To do a full clean:

  • Power off the pool pump.
  • Open the filter tank and remove the DE filter media.
  • Rinse the filter media until it is free of old DE, and debris.
  • Re-insert filter media in tank, and close lid.
    Turn the pool pump back on.
  • Add DE according to manufacturer specified dosages.
How do I clean my cartridge filter?
  • Power off the pump.
  • Close any shutoff valves that are in your plumbing.
  • Open up your filter body, remove the filter, and spray it with a garden hose at a
    45-degree angle, until the water that runs off is clear.
  • Replace filter in tank, close lid, open valves, and power pump back on.
How do I clean my sand filter?
  • Power off pump.
  • Rotate handle on top of filter until it is pointing at the backwash setting.
  • Turn the pump on and run the water until it is no longer coming out dirty.
  • Turn the pump off.
  • Rotate the handle until it is pointing at the rinse setting.
  • Turn the pump on and run it for 30 seconds.
  • Turn the pump off.
  • Rotate the handle until it is pointing at filter and turn the pump back on.
My Pool has low water pressure coming out of the return (Low Circulation)?
  • Check water level. Water should be at least halfway up skimmer frame.
  • Make sure flap (weir) in skimmer is installed.
  • Clean skimmer baskets.
  • Clean filter.