Solar Covers & Solar Cover Reels

Solar Reels

Take the hassle out of removing and installing your solar cover by using a solar reel.  All reels come complete with tubes and a strap kit to attach the cover to the reel.

Liquid Solar Blankets

Liquid solar blankets release a totally safe liquid that forms an invisible layer on your pool water’s surface that is one molecule thick. They reduce water evaporation by up to 50%, reducing heat and chemical loss from the pool.  It will not affect the plumbing or filtration of your pool, and will not cause damage to vinyl liners or any other pool surfaces in any way.  Liquid Solar Blankets are a great eco-friendly option for heat retention in pools.  It’s biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-toxic and totally harmless to all swimmers. It is even safe for pets to drink from the pool surface!

Solar Covers

Solar covers heat your pool during the day magnifying the suns rays and radiating heat into the water.  At night, the cover will retain heat and reduce evaporation by up to 90% which is the main cause of heat loss.  Plus, solar covers help prevent your pool chemicals from evaporating.  Raises your pool’s temperature by up to 15 degrees!