Can You Use a Hot Tub in Summer?

Summer is here! At last, the season of sunny days and evening fireflies has returned. But summer can also bring oppressive temperatures and high humidity. On those days, the hot tub that’s your paradise on chilly fall days, cold winter nights, and carefree spring weekends can seem like a cauldron, sending you in search of a cool shower and wondering if you can use a hot tub in summer. The fact is, there are many ways to use your home spa in warm weather, each more pleasant than the last.

The Best Ways to Use Your Hot Tub in Summer

Summertime means many different things to many different people, but it all depends upon where you live. Experiencing summer in the woods of Maine is very different from experiencing it in Los Angeles, for example. In a town like Big Piney, Wyoming, the “icebox of the nation,” soaking in a hot tub can be refreshing any time of year, but in the baking-sheet cities of the desert Southwest, it’s typically too hot during the midday hours for a warm soak, especially in the summer. The good news, however, is that even the hottest parts of the country aren’t hot all day.

Finding Balance with Morning and Evening Soaks

In areas with low humidity levels, temperatures start to drop as late afternoon wanes, and then bottom out late at night. The thermometer begins to rise again as the sun does. In many places, that means twilight, dusk, and dawn are ideal times to relax sore muscles in your hot tub’s soothing water. These windows of spa opportunity are even more open in cooler temperatures like New York.

Hot-tubbing at night can provide tranquility on par with sitting around a campfire and watching the stars–another popular summertime activity that turns up the heat in a different type of way. Enjoying your spa during the cool morning hours can help you relax and find balance in preparation for a long, hot summer day.

Rainy Day, Soak Away

While areas with low humidity are subject to drastic temperature ranges, areas with high humidity are subject to rain—Mother Nature’s way of beating the summer heat. In some regions, summer rains come daily, sometimes for weeks on end. A summer rain storm can break a hot spell in a snap. The cool peace that follows is an invitation to appreciate the earthy scent left behind and melt into the bliss of your home spa.

If you’re seeking unique tranquility, and there is no threat of thunder and lightning, you can even use your hot tub during the rain. Sit back and enjoy the cool rain on your face as the rest of your body indulges in warmth.

Block Party: Home Spa Edition

Summer is a highly social season—a time when friends and family get together for barbecues or to just while away hazy days in backyards, on patios and decks, and, of course, in hot tubs. Entrancing spa waterfalls and fountains augment the mood, and multicolored LED lighting ushers your gathering into the night, setting the stage for fun hot tub games or stargazing.

Benefits of Hot-Tubbing in Summer

In addition to all the fun you can have hot-tubbing during the summer season, there are health benefits you may experience. After exerting your muscles in the yard or at the gym, your hot tub can help reduce soreness and aching. Not only can a warm spa help release tension, but the buoyancy of the water and the massaging effect of powerful jets contribute, too. Plus, enjoying your hot tub with friends and family can help to improve social connections, as well as your overall quality of life. When the day is done, a 20-minute soak before bed can help improve your sleep.

Owning a hot tub is a joyful experience, no matter what the season. Your spa routine can help anchor your day, your week, or your year, even when the heat turns up. No matter where you live—whether in Miami or the land of the midnight sun—your hot tub will reward you every day you use it.

From the winter solstice to the dog days of summer, a home spa provides endless opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Find your perfect spa here